The next generation app store

Armada is a fully cross platform marketplace built for developers

Building cross platform mobiles apps with Cordova or something like it? Armada is the appstore you've been waiting for

Building cross platform desktop apps with Node-webkit or something like it? Armada aims to be the node-webkit app marketplace

About Armada

Armada is targeted at developers building cross platform application and attempting to reach everything from native desktop to the ubuntu phone, and novice or hobbyist developers who can't validate the fees associated with uploading apps to google play or apples app store.

The goal is to make distributing applications drastically easier and cheaper than it is right now

What's the problem with all the other app stores?

Right now we have many different platform specific app stores; A remnant of a previous era when applications were platform specific. Think Microsoft Office for Windows, Open Office for Linux etc

But this model's changed considerably in recent times with applications being fully cross platform, attempting to be the best product for the job

Development tooling for building cross platform applications has also come a long way.

But it's still very difficult and expensive for developers targeting many platforms to distribute their apps everywhere.

Why is now a good time for this?

We are seeing more searches, growing exponentially, for cross platform frameworks like: xamarin, cordova/phonegap and node-webkit

We also see increased interest in learning how to code, specifically in JS, with a majority coming from India

Developers agree that distributing applications to all the different marketplaces is tiresome It is also prohibitively expensive for a lot of new, younger developers and those situated in developing countries We also notice a rising need for personal marketplaces for hardware startups e.g Thalmic Labs, Oneplus


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