Luvit 2.5.6 Documentation

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About this Documentation#

The goal of this documentation is to comprehensively explain the Luvit API, both from a reference as well as a conceptual point of view. Each section describes a built-in module or high-level concept.

Where appropriate, property types, method arguments, and the arguments provided to event handlers are detailed in a list underneath the topic heading.

Every .html document has a corresponding .json document presenting the same information in a structured manner. This feature is experimental, and added for the benefit of IDEs and other utilities that wish to do programmatic things with the documentation.

Every .html and .json file is generated based on the corresponding .markdown file in the doc/api/ folder in luvit's source tree. The documentation is generated using the tools/doc/generate.js program. The HTML template is located at doc/template.html.

There's also a lot of examples in this repo that may be helpful.